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Aigul Opera Team has chosen the «AMO» organization because its values and interests are closely aligned with Aigul Shamshidenova’s beliefs in children’s equality worldwide.

Aigul Opera Team believes that every child deserves to have an equal opportunity to develop his/her strengths and talents and build upon them.

Aigul Shamshidenova experienced extreme support by affluent members of our society growing up. As a result, she understands the value of giving back, her and her Team do so through the «AMO Programme» in Ghana, West Africa.

«AMO» stands for ‘Agodi Ma Osuahu’, which is an acronym meaning ‘Playing gives experience’.

About «AMO Programme»:

The main focus of AMO Programme is improving on the quality of education by introducing Active Learning Materials (ALMs) for the basic education in Ghana.

A society will be able to change and come to full development, when its citizens have access to qualitatively good education. To reach this, a country must be able to integrate all educational related factors and aspects into one education policy.

As known, effective learning results require effective educational systems, broadly trained teachers and applicable educational learning materials. AMO Programme contributes towards that by providing Active Learning Materials, ALMs and Active Learning Methods and train the Teachers in that. AMO Programme wants to ensure the quality of education and to guarantee excellence for all, as the AMO Programme is based on the UNESCO Education for All (EFA) movement.

To learn more about the program please visit AMO’s Official Website.

Giving our donors, people like you, the opportunity to make a difference by providing a vulnerable child with the gift of education, play and full body development. With your help, we work to encourage the idea that children are a valuable resource. As such, children should be cherished — and given every opportunity to flourish.

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