Jania Aubakirova
The People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan

"Nature has bestowed this little girl, Aigul Shamshidenova, with rare beauty and light, a flying voice of a deep timbre within a large volume (range) and a very high tessitura, meaning her ability to take and hold high notes. I have not heard such a wonderful voice for a long time. I think such voices are born somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, in Italy. When I listen to Aigul, I immediately have associations with lush, vegetation, bright sun, blue sea, and with air that is filled with the delicate aroma of beautiful flowers" - says of Aigul Shamshidenova, Janiya Aubakirova.

Vladimir Pitercev
The National Composer of the Republic of Kazakhstan

"When I first heard Shamshidenova sing, it was as if we were in Parisian Louvre and in front of us were two madonnas. One  of them was the beautiful Mona Lisa with her enigmatic smile, as if descended from the canvas of the great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. The other was a modern, inspired Kazakh girl with thin facial features, charming smile and radiant eyes" - says of Aigul Shamshidenova, Vladimir Pitercev.

The Authorial, Vladimir Pitercev’s, collection of songs given as a gift to Aigul Shamshidenova by Mr. Pitercev on Oct 5, 2006.