Kazakhstan born soprano, Aigul Shamshidenova, began to study music at the
age of 8.

Aigul’s striking soprano captured hearts and minds of internationally acknowledged celebrity judges, producers and composers at age 13, she was awarded a Gran Prix in Opera Category at the «World Championship of Performing Arts» in Hollywood, CA in 2004.

After her sensational victory over representatives from 50+ countries in the U.S., Ms. Shamshidenova went on to be recognized as the Laureate for the 3rd prize at one of the most acclaimed contests in the Russian Federation, «The 5th Elena Obrazcova’s International
Competition of Young Opera Singers» in St. Petersburg.

After her excellent performance at the competition, Aigul Shamshidenova was invited to study at the legendary Music College Academy at the Moscow Conservatory in the vocal class.

A successful year of studiousness with the most accomplished professors and vocal coaches at the Moscow College, Aigul was invited to study tuition free at the Vienna Conservatory in Vienna, Austria.

Ms. Shamshidenova continued to polish her exceptional talents within the Operatic arena with the most acclaimed European voice professionals.

  Aigul Shamshidenova -
The Gran Prix Winner in Hollywood, 2004

The reception of exceptional guidance from Elena Obrazcova and upgrade of mastery for Aigul Shamshidenova was followed with active involvement in several projects worldwide.

Intense performances and projects in between two countries, Austria and Russia, as a full – time Soloist to the Academy of Young Opera Singers at the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg and constant performer in Operatic projects within Austria, has allowed Aigul to lend her masterpiece talent to international audiences at multiple prestigious venues.

Shamshidenova’s performances for both, commercial and philanthropic purposes range from the Salzburg Voice Festival in Austria, to Viennese Ball in Vienna and Almaty, to the Russian Ball in London, the U.K., to the Moscow Ball in Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, to the Kazakh American Association in Washington, DC.

Aigul Shamshidenova has been appointed as the Vice – President of GMP Opera, «The Global Music Partnership» in Miami, U.S.A and as the Official Representative of «Accademia di Canto “Renata Tebaldi, Mario Del Monaco”» in Pesaro, Italy.

Aigul Shamshidenova’s soprano is a bright and rich timbre that warms the hearts of music lovers all around the world.

Ms. Shamshidenova’s has a powerful, rich, emotive voice that can sing over a full orchestra, and can achieve dramatic climaxes. Her voice is known to have a unique, bright and sweet timbre that is flexible and can simultaneously carry over an orchestra without a microphone. She allows for great flexibility within her performances in high-lying velocity passages.

Aigul Shamshidenova (right) receives coaching from iconic Elena Obrazcova